Document Scanning Services
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aamra outsourcing limited provides document scanning, indexing, and archiving & retrieval services for a wide variety of applications. Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper.

Scanned images that are properly indexed, can also become an electronic file cabinet accessible via LAN, intranet or Internet. Send us your physical documents such as address lists, invoices, purchase orders, resumes, business forms, checks, surveys, insurance forms, litigation and case files, lease agreements, import/export documentation, student records or tax forms and we will send back electronic images of the documents using an FTP site or e-mail.

Alternatively, the scanned images can be hosted on to a document server with high-security, rapidly implemented, cost-effective solution to document management. It provides round-the-clock access to critical documents to a geographically dispersed community via popular web browsers – Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Safari etc.