Market Research
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aamra outsourcing limited uses a variety of data mining and statistical tools to help companies maximize the value of their data and more efficiently and effectively develop and implement their strategies. Our services support a variety of crucial tasks, including sales and marketing, customer service, business planning and other advisory activities - combine the use of applied statistics and business expertise with advanced data-handling techniques, data mining, segmentation and predictive modeling.

Our analytics teams comprise experts in applied statistics, programming and data analysis, econometric modeling and decision sciences, and business advisory services.

Using these diverse skill sets, aamra outsourcing limited analytics services experts support the following business functions:

  • Sales and Marketing: Our analytics services provide valuable insights on segmenting markets, targeting new customers and cross-selling or up-selling their services to existing customers. Using predictive models, we can forecast audience response and follow up with campaign-effectiveness analyses by product line, channel, psychographic segment or other characteristics.
  • Customer Management: We help clients to manage customer risk, identify and retain high-value, high-potential and premium customers, administer customer-loyalty programs and collect payments.
  • Business Planning and Growth: Our analytics services assist clients in gaining the intelligence they need to make well-informed business decisions. Our business planning and growth services support forecasting and budgets, profitability analysis, and identification of high-growth and profitable opportunities.
  • Advisory Services: Our advisory professionals help clients to grow their businesses by translating the insights provided by other analytics teams into actionable business changes. We identify the best practices that drive higher value.

Additionally, aamra outsourcing limited analytics provides a variety of industry-focused solutions in each of our service lines.